Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the Total Market Value match the final value in the 5YR Market Value chart? Show Answer

The market value chart values are drawn from the last day of each month. During the current month the chart's value will be for the last day of the previous month.

Why do I have to scroll through my securities in the small holdings table? Show Answer

You don't! The table has buttons at the top named Maximize, Minimize, Export and GoTo Fixed/Stock Table.

  • Maximize: resizes the table to show all securities. You may still have to scroll the browser window but the only solution for that is paging and this prints better.
  • Minimize: resizes the table to the original 200 pixel height.
  • Export: Exports the securities listed in the table to a csv file coded to open in Excel.
  • GoTo Fixed/Stock Table: scrolls the window to the other table in the window from the one you're clicking.

I forgot my password and the new one sent to me doesn't work, why not? Show Answer

  1. Often users are accidentally grabbing an extra space at the end of the new password sent to them. Either try typing the password in manually or paste in notepad before the password box to see what's been copied.
  2. When resetting a password the new password is only good for 1 hour. If it's been longer than that please click the reset password link to get a new one.

Why can't I see the files I upload to my account team on the JGUA Portal? Show Answer

When you upload a file on the portal it is saved to our internal network drives and your entire account team is notified of the new file. Once that file is transferred to our local area network it can no longer be accessed by the portal. You should have received a success message with a green border and background if your upload was successful. If your upload had failed you would have a received an error message with a red border and background.

* Market Value of securities has been calculated using the most recent market close.

Account balances and positions may not reflect all intra-day activity. Every effort is made to ensure that data entry processes and accounting adjustments do not cause variances in the accuracy of the data. Please be aware that the figures reflected are subject to correction.

Gain/Loss information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used for tax preparation. These figures may change due to adjustments to cost basis at a future date. Target Risk and Actual Risk are based on John G. Ullman & Associates, Inc.’s internal Risk Segmentation Categories